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From Route 23 onto Route 1 -TransCanada Highway to Wood Islands Ferry

This part of the tour takes you along the TransCanada Highway. From Route 23 onto Route 1 heading east towards Wood Islands ending at the Northumberland Ferry Terminal. (the end of this section of the on-line tour)

This small crossroads community starts from Route 23, just off the TransCanada at Orwell Corner Historic Village, which protray’s a museum of the islands past farming. You can explore the shingle mill, blacksmith shop, General store, Old school house and the farm yard which is always a popular area for visitors, especially children. In the barns and surrounding pastureland you will find chickens, sheep, pigs, goats and draft horses. At the heart of Prince Edward Island is its rural heritage. Orwell Corner Historic Village preserves and interprets this rural heritage by capturing the mood, the flavor and the activity of a small, rural Prince Edward Island community of 100 years ago.

Orwell Corner Historical Site

MacPhail Walking Trail

Just down the dirt road is Macphail Historic Homestead, which was the home of one of P.E.I.'s most famous writers, physicians, and scholars, Sir Andrew MacPhail who donated this historical homestead. This restored 1850’s 12-room gabled house combines history and nature in perfect harmony with study exhibits that reflect the life and time of Andrew MacPhail. The home offers a restaurant and conference facility. The 140 acres that surround this historic home has lovely gardens, ecological forestry project, native tree and shrub nursery, walking trails, bird watching and an adjacent nature center. Throughout the summer you can experience a guided owl walk along the wooded trails.

Continuing east on Route 1 you will travel along the coast viewing the scenic landscape of Orwell Bay inlets and stretches of farmland mingling with groves of wild flowers. Your next community of Eldon is where you can find Pinette Studios on Route 159 just off Route 1. They feature painting and prints that portray Island landscapes, wildlife and also surreal landscapes. The Scottish heritage is very evident in this part of the island as the Scots settled this area in the early 1900’s. During the summer you will find highland dance competitions, bagpipe, fiddle music, sporting events such as caber toss, shot putt and log toss.

Belfast was settled in 1803 by the settlers from Scotland, the drive through this community your view will be of rolling hills and coastal scenery. For a full day of fun stop in at the Lord Selkirk Provincial Park , excellent family park that has pools, mini golf, playground, campground and an exceptional 9-hole golf course on the coast.
The site of the golf course and the Lord Selkirk Park is where the 800 Selkirk settlers from the Isle of Skye arrived in 1803. Each of the holes on the golf course has been named after some aspect of the settler’s arrival except for hole-number 8. It bears the MicMac name "Megwasa" which means "red cliffs" The native Micmac people used to camp on the site of the park during the summer because of the abundance of seafood available close to shore.

Belfast Golf Course
There is an old Acadienne cemetery that has been restored near the entrance to the park. The local Arcadians were rounded up by the British in 1756-58 and sent back to France on two ships. Unfortunately both ships foundered at sea and all but a few of the 600 souls on board were lost. After the expulsion of the French the cemetery continued to be used into the 1840's when new cemeteries in Mt Buchanan and Belfast were established. Some of the old headstones have been preserved. The old Church of Scotland building, which was located in Belle River, was moved to the site and refurbished in 2001.

Still heading east on Route 1 you will come to Route 209, which will take you to the Point Prim Lighthouse. This lighthouse guards the outer approach of Hillsborough Harbour entrance. Built in 1846, Point Prim is Prince Edward Island's oldest lighthouse and one of the few lighthouses of brick constructed in Canada. Though now covered with wooden shingles, the brick construction may be viewed from the interior. At low tide you can walk the shelving of rock on the rugged shore and pick up pieces of coal that are still there from years ago ship wrecks that didn’t make it up the harbour entrance. Watch your step among the rocks as you may come upon some seals basking in the sun.

Point Prim Chowder House

At the end of the point relax on the deck of the Point Prim Chowder House where you can get homemade chowders, seafood dishes, and be sure to try their famous Irish Moss dessert. They pick the Irish Moss themselves to make this interesting dessert. Even though the shores around the lighthouse are rugged you can still find beautiful white sand beaches in the area. These beaches are excellent for clam digging. There have also been fossils found in the cliffs in the general area.
Back on Route 1 again heading east to Pinette there is a day park available for you to relax and enjoy a picnic. The Scottish heritage is seen in this area as well when the harness drivers exercise their horses in their kilts; stop by to watch a race or two. After Pinette you will come to Flat River where you will find the Fiddle Farm, some of the island’s best fiddlers use LePage fine string instruments, which are island made. At the Fiddle Farm there is also a studio with fine prints and a fiber store that spins cashmere goat, angora goats and rabbits. In the community Flat River there is brother and sister team that create fine pottery, jewelry, and batik, paintings and sculptures are also on display at the Flat River Studio.

The next community along this Route is Belle River where you will find some Bona Vista Summer Savory at Ryan’s Farm. The age-old flavor and aroma of summer savory is used to enhance poultry stuffing, soups, stews, fish and pizza. They grow, process and package it at the farm so be sure to drop into the farm and purchase this pesticide free island product.

Summer Savory Farm

Aerial of Murray River

This part of the on-line tour is complete; you are approaching the Northumberland Ferry terminal at Wood Islands. If you started your tour heading east from Wood Islands you have completed part of the South Eastern section of eastern Prince Edward Island. You will have traveled over rivers and streams, viewed some of our picturesque unspoiled island with its natural beauty and experienced the islands history and culture. If you should see the island from the air, its red soil, green fields, blue waters makes this small unique island look like our famous homemade patch quilts……

Hope you have enjoyed this section of the tour…… visit us again as we will be adding new tours in the up coming days!