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From Route 23 onto Route 1 -TransCanada Highway to Wood Islands Ferry
Point Prim Lighthouse
Location: Off Trans Canada Hwy. Rte. 209
Point Prim lighthouse built in 1845 is 18.2 meters high and Prince Edward Island's oldest lighthouse, it sits on a body of land that juts out from the shore. It is also the only round lighthouse on the island and you can climb 80 ft. above sea level for a magnificent view from this unique, round, brick structure. The walls are made of brick and are18” thick. Years after the original construction the structure was sheathed with wooded strapping and shingles, which you see today. The lighthouse was fully automated in 1969. You can enjoy a guided tour and see a historical maritime display including information about the keepers at the lighthouse. If the tide is out, walk among the rocks and see if you can find lumps of coal from a shipwreck or take a photo of the seals sunbathing. Height 18.2 meters.