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From Route 23 onto Route 1 -TransCanada Highway to Wood Islands Ferry
Orwell Corner Historic Village
Location: Rte. 18A off Rte. 1 at Orwell Corner
At the heart of Prince Edward Island is its agricultural heritage. The special magic of Orwell Corner allows visitors to experience the mood, flavor, charm and activities of a small agricultural crossroads community of the 1890s. While at Orwell Corner you can visit the blacksmith's shop, general store, house and barns, stroll through the gardens or have a picnic outside the old schoolhouse. Orwell Corner is well known for its Wednesday night ceilidhs in the community hall and hosts many exciting special events throughout the season.

Sir Andrew MacPhail Park
National Historic Site

Location: Off Rte. 1 at Orwell
Sir Andrew MacPhail, a distinguished Island doctor, writer and citizen, donated this historical homestead, where he was born. A true renaissance man, he is even credited with establishing P.E.I.'s seed potato industry. This restored 1850’s 12-room gabled house combines history and nature in perfect harmony. It functions as a museum and also houses a tearoom and restaurant. It offers gardens, ecological forestry project, native tree and shrub nursery, 3 nature walking trails, bird watching and an adjacent nature center on the homestead's 140-acre site.

Orwell Church
The Orwell Church was built in 1861 by the Scottish Presbyterians of the community. Until its construction people in the district attended St John's Presbyterian Church in nearby Belfast. Services as late as 1900 were conducted in English and in the Gaelic language. There was some controversy in the community when the building was extended in 1891 to accommodate a new platform and a pump organ. The traditional services had been conducted without musical accompaniment with members following the lead of the presenter in singing the psalms from the Bible. Some felt the organ would serve only to distract the congregation from the words of the psalms. In the 1920's the church became part of the United Church of Canada and was used until 1970 when churches in the area were consolidated and a new building erected at Vernon Bridge. The adjacent cemetery dates back to 1884 and is still used by members of the Orwell congregation.
The Selkirk Settlement
Location: Rte.1 between Eldon and Pinette
Settlers arrived with Thomas Douglas, fifth Earl of Selkirk, in 1803 aboard the ships Polly, Dykes and Oughton. Some 800 settlers anchored in Orwell Bay just off the present day location of Lord Selkirk Park. Together with earlier immigrants, the Selkirk settlers established an enduring Scottish tradition on PEI. The Park offers modern day convenience with the era of the Islands past.
Lord Selkirk Provincial Park
Location: Eldon, Rte. 1
Lord Selkirk Park is one of the most historical island parks with a very Celtic essence due to the landing of the Scottish settlers to this area. The park offers a picturesque 9-hole golf course, Belfast Highland Greens, which sits on the cliffs bluff. You will also find two swimming pools, miniature golf, camping, an old church and Scottish burial grounds. A series of Friday night variety concerts feature traditional music by local artists and entertainers. Lord Selkirk also hosts the annual Highland Games where you will experience activities such as highland dance competitions, bagpipe, fiddle music, sporting events such as caber toss, shot putt and log toss.
Belfast Mini Mills Ltd.
Location: Rte. 207
Belfast Mini-Mills operates as a demonstration and teaching facility while commercially processing fine fleeces and offering custom services. The mill's most unusual product is quivit — a luxurious fiber from the arctic Musk-ox. Belfast Mini-Mills is involved in a joint project with the native people of Nunavut in the Canadian arctic, who harvest Musk-ox for food and send the hides to P.E.I. for processing. Musk-ox have long, coarse outer hair, but this hair covers a soft undercoat that is incredibly fine — so fine, in fact, that individual fibers are almost invisible, and specially-designed machinery is needed to spin it. The resulting fabrics are incredibly soft and warm. There is a store at the mill where yarns and beautifully woven fabrics are sold, and informal tours of the facility are offered. There are even llamas, goats, and other animals to enjoy.
International Spinners Limited
Location: Rte. 207
International Spinners Ltd. manufactures equipment for processing fleece and spinning yarns, about 20 different machines in all. The machinery is specifically designed for exotic fibers like alpaca, llama, and mohair, and it is shipped all over the world. Sutherland's milling machinery is scaled for "cottage industry," but it is technologically advanced and fascinating to see.
Pinette Provincial Park
Location: Pinette off Trans Canada Hwy.
Pinette is a day use park, which is east of Belfast. The park has picnic facilities, flush toilets, playground equipment, fishing, and a riverside beach. Pets are permitted on a leash.
Pinette Studios
Location: Eldon,Pinette Rd. Rt. (Off TransCanada)
The Pinette Studio offers paintings and prints of featured Island landscapes as well as the wildlife and surreal landscapes.
Bell River Church
Location: Bell River Rte. 1
The building was originally built in the 1900 and used as a dairy. It was not used as a church until 1926. Windows and pews were resourced from other churches.
St. John's Presbyterian Church
Location: Off Rte. 1, in Lord Selkirk Park
This is one of the most picturesque and historic churches on P.E.I. Built in 1824 by Scottish settlers who immigrated to Canada because of the Highland Clearances in Scotland. Stately trees frame the church, and a pioneer cemetery adjoins it. The church is always open for visitors to see its lovely wooden interior, with a parquet ceiling and five small stained glass windows over the altar.
Belfast Church
Location: Rte. 208
PEI’s oldest church, built in 1826 by Selkirk settlers. It is built out of handmade wooden shingles and consists of a four-stage tower, a slender spire, church bell and a beautiful gallery.
Flat River Studio
Location: Rte. 1
Years ago there was quite a scandal concerning the nude statue in the front yard of this studio and crafts gallery. There were articles and letters in the newspaper, and some Islanders traveled miles to see it! Now the statue doesn't attract much attention. However the gallery is still worth traveling miles to visit. Roslynn and Robert Wilby, a brother and sister team; create fine pottery, jewelry, and batik. Sculpture and paintings are on display as well.
Bona Vista Summer Savory Farm
Location: Re. 1, Belle River
At Ryan's Farm, they grow, process and package all their summer savory, which, is pesticide free. We think it is the best summer savory you can obtain.