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Montague Via Route 4 to Georgetown Via Route 3 to Cardigan Via Route 321
Three Rivers Watershed
Location: Brudenell Point Rd, Rte.319
This is a nine km of intersecting trails with magnificent river views. Walk the short Heritage Trail through the sites where Jean Pierre Roma established his community in the 1730s and where the Macdonalds built ships in the 1800s. Then explore further along the 2.5 km Brudenell River Trail; extend your walk another kilometer through the Pine Woods and Bog. The Farmstead Loop, the Recreation Loop, and the Woodland Trail each have their special pleasures.
Mellish Pond
Location: Off Rte. 3, New Perth East
Just east of New Perth, this road runs south from Rte.3 for 3 km to meet the Mellish Road. The designated portion runs from the north end from Rte. 3 to the millstream, which is at the mid point of the road.

Cattle’s grazing on sloping hillsides, a farmer ploughs his fields, rural scenes such as these enliven a drive down this country lane. As one enters from the northern end, one looks upon open fields and then a hedgerow bordering the road to an old millpond where mixed woodland creates a light canopy overhead. Wildflowers, including daisies, dandelions, Queen Anne’s lace and our beautiful lupins grow along the roadside.

In the late 1800’s this road served as the route to Perth Mills. A MacDonald family owned the land on the northern section of the road, thus the enterprise became known as MacDonald’s Mills and the road as the MacDonald Mill Road. Other variations of the name included “Mill Road”, “Fish Pond Road” and the “Dam Road”.

Today the road provides farmers with access to fields and sports enthusiasts with winter pursuits such as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. This road has been designated as a scenic heritage road.

Brudenell River Wildflower Garden Trail
Location: Brudenell Park,Rte. 3
Brudenell River hiking and biking trail system offers opportunities to witness Prince Edward Island's flora and fauna. The purpose of this Wildflower Trail is to preserve and display, in their native habitats, the trees and plants common to Prince Edward Island's woodlands, meadows, stream banks, bogs, and fresh and saltwater marshes. Plants are arranged according to their ecological requirements.
Identification markers, listing both scientific and common names, are situated along the trail next to the respective plant. Guided tours with Park Naturalists are available at specific times during July and August. For details contact: (902) 652-2575.
Confederation Trail
Location: Cardigan, Georgetown & Montague
The next interesting spot you will come across is the Cardigan Fish Hatchery. It is where salmon and trout are grown for restocking the Island Rivers. The scenic village of Cardigan was once a prosperous shipbuilding port before the turn on of the century. As you continue on to Montague the trail branches 8 km off to Georgetown, the capital of Kings County. This small town is rich in history and boasts of the architecture of its churches and buildings. Keep a look out for Bonaparte’s Gulls and Black Gullimonts that are in the area. Heading back to where you branched off you will pass two major golf courses at Brudenell. As you journey onto Montague you will cross over the Island’s highest railway bridge, over the Brudenell River. Arriving at the waterfront when you reach the town of Montague, you will find excellent shopping, accommodations, restaurants, seal watching cruises, and the Garden of the Gulf museum. Montague is the commercial capital of the eastern end of the island. The town with its natural scenery and lush vegetation is known as “Montague the Beautiful”, a nice way to end this section of the trail.
Cardigan Fish Hatchery Trail
Location: Cardigan Head, Rte. 5 off 4
This trail is a 0.6 km loop that crosses over a fish ladder and dam. The trail follows the stream back to the hatchery where you will see large pools of salmon and trout. Stop in and see a working enhancement fish hatchery and the Water Science Centre for interesting information on water and natural resources. Guided tours are available for the trail. There is a u-fish pond on the trail as well, where you can catch the big one! Or talk about the one that got away……
Keith Mill Nature Trail
Location: Victoria Cross Rte 22
This trail is 1.7 km and offers a great view of the Montague River and Knox’s Dam. From 1890 to 1928 this trail was the main route between Montague and Victoria Cross. Before you start your walk visit the fish ladder at Knox’s Dam where you might see a salmon or the sea trout trying to jump the falls. Knox’s Dam use to provide the power for the town of Montague in the early 1900’s.