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Leaving Montague Via Route 4 to Georgetown Via Route 3 to Cardigan Via Route 321

This part of the on-line tour is heading east out of the town of Montague via Route 4. Just outside of the town limits you’ll find Route 319, which makes a loop and comes back onto the main highway about 2 miles up the road.

If you keep straight east out of town and travel to Route 319 by the main highway you will pass a gas station, garages, Fair Ile Ford car dealership, car wash, automotive stores, bakery/restaurant and a drive-in-restaurant that will take you back a few years. They still come out to wait on your car …….. just keep your lights on for service.

Whether you take the first turn off onto Route 319, or the one two miles up the road, which is the Brudenell Point Road. Travel right to the end of the paved road, continue on the red dirt road to the end. This area is called Brudenell Point and offers an abundance of history; it is the historic site of Roma at Three Rivers. This site is where the first French commercial settlement was started back in 1732 and the ship building era of the 1800’s.


Roma Settlement

In June 1732 Jean Pierre Roma and his small band of settlers, workers and fishermen sailed into Cardigan Bay on eastern Isle St. Jean (now Prince Edward Island) and landed on what is now known as Brudenell Point to start the settlement, which he called Trois Rivières. The Montague, Brudenell and the Cardigan are the three rivers that meet at Brudenell Point and have been named Heritage Rivers. There are also nine kilometers of intersecting trails with magnificent river views with one being the Heritage Trail. This trail goes through the sites where Jean Pierre Roma established his community.

Once you get back on Route 4 proceed to Pools Corner where you will find a four way intersection. You should proceed to your right, which will take you to the capital of King's County, the historic Georgetown.

Heading southeast on Route 3 to Brudenell River Povincial Park you’ll find a golfers paradise. Two 18-hole golf links, courses, the Brudenell and Dundarave are in the Povincial Park. If you are interested in a golf lesson you can try your hand at the Canadian Golf Academy, which is also located in the park. The park offers tent sites as well as an RV camping and for the little ones in your family an excellent playground. If you are interested in kayaking, canoeing or biking you’ll find rentals at the resort for you to enjoy.

Imagine…… a horseback ride through the woods, along the beach and the sun is setting on the river. The Brudenell Riding Stabes offer horseback trail rides and pony rides for the little ones. If it is a horseback ride or a walk along the beach that you experience you will be gazing out upon the Brudenell River, which has been designated as a heritage river. Just off shore there is a little island called, Brudenell Island, where Scottish settlers are buried. This island is accessible and there are old tombstones that mark a bit of island history. It has benches placed under the trees for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful foliage and river.

Horseback riding on the
Brudenell River
Once you are back on the road head right onto Route 3 to the Capital of Kings County, Georgetown. The Town of Georgetown is a close-knit community. Its history back as far as the 1700’s is as old as the settled history of the Province of Prince Edward Island. A collection of venerable and beautiful old historic buildings intertwining with more recent structures, all laid out in a broad street system in the fashion of centuries past.

This coastal town has a magnificent view of Brudenell Point, Lower Montague and the open waterway. The wharf is excellently situated for the larger boats that dock there; the town has a history with shipbuilding. Right in the middle of town is the picturesque AA Memorial gardens, where you can walk along beautifully flowered gardens. An imposing building standing beside the gardens is Georgetown Playhouse Theatre, which offers local talent for entertainment.

Morrison's Beach

Since Georgetown is a coastal town and Route 3 ends at the wharf you’ll have to head back out of town to continue this tour. After exploring the town you’ll be ready for a bit of beach, Morrison’s Beach is about one mile out of town on the right. This beach is on the Cardigan River and excellent for swimming, if the tide is low and it is about 5:30 in the evening watch for a show. It seems at about 5:30 in the evening all the clams squirt at the same time. Yes, your right it is a great place to dig clams so get the shoves out and start filling the bucket. Once you’ve got your feed of clams, top up the bucket with the river water and let them soak and spit out the sand before you steam them.

Once you’ve had a swim and your ready to continue your tour head back out on Route 3, west until you come to Route 321 and head into the exceptional harbour town of Cardigan. Cardigan was a shipbuilding town back in the early 1800’s and 1900’s which came to a close in 1920.

Most admirably situated on the beautiful Cardigan River, its two business portions connected by a long graceful bridge, its main street bordered by businesses, dwellings and gardens running along the steep northern bank of the river and each dwelling commanding a full view of one of the most picturesque scene's in Kings County. Gone are the fishing fleets, harbors, shipyards and factories. However, enterprise still flourishes and fishing boats still head out in the mornings and return later with their catch. There is an excellent marine at the wharf where boats can tie up.

Cardigan Wharf
One of the island treats awaits you at the Cardigan Lobster Suppers. The island is well know for it’s lobster suppers that are offered periodically in the local church halls but you can find them everyday from June to September in Cardigan. Take a walk along the wharf and enjoy an ice-cream or drop into the heritage center located on the wharf.

Cardigan U-Fish

Up over the hill you’ll find the Cardigan Crafts Tea Room where you can browse and see local island crafts. If you continue along the Cardigan River you’ll come to the Cardigan fish hatchery where you will see large pools of salmon and trout. Stop in and see a working enhancement fish hatchery and the Water Science Centre for interesting information on water and natural resources. There is a u-fish pond on the trail as well, where you can catch the big one! Or talk about the one that got away……!

Back on Route 4 go to Pools Corner and head west on Route 3. As you head inland the sheer beauty of the landscape of this area will dazzle you. New Perth, Summerville, Vernon River are the communities that you will pass through. The ditches are covered by the lupins as are the fields, mingling with the farms, brooks and ponds all to make the perfect setting for your memory photos. In Vernon River be sure to drop into the Farmers Market for fresh vegetables and island treats. There is also a Post Office located across the road.

If you travel past the Vernon River turn off on Route 3 you’ll come to Route 212 , which will take you to the Avondale Golf Course. This is an 18 hole course, one of Prince Edward Island's top rated golf courses where golfers can enjoy the large bent grass tees and greens, undulating fairways and strategic trap placement.

Take a left at Route 24, Vernon River heading South you’ll come to Uigg where the landscape will entice you to stop and take photos. The many farms in these rolling hills will have vegetable for sell along the roadway. They operate on the honor system; you take the vegetables and leave the money in a box.

Farm field in Uigg