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Panmure Island Lighthouse
Location: Panmure Island, Rte. 347 off Rte. 17
The lighthouse was built in 1853, and is used to enter into the area called “three rivers”, which includes the Cardigan River, Montague River and Brudenell River. It is on the southwest extremity of Cardigan Bay and marks the entrance to Georgetown Harbour, on the east coast of Prince Edward Island. It has a wooden octagonal tower and the light was used as a coast light serving considerable steamer, schooner, and fishing boat traffic. In 1909, the dwelling was built and then reconstructed in 1958 because of disintegrated over the years making it a one and half-storey. In 1908, the fog alarm building was put together. You are welcome to come and experience the climb up the stairs and see a magnificent view. At present, the machinery at the Panmure Island lighthouse is operated electrically. Height 18.6 meters or 58 feet.