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Confederation Trail
Location: Rte. 4, Montague waterfront
This extension begins at the Montague Train Station and goes to Robertson's Road Part of a province-wide trail. The trail winds through some very picturesque areas that can't often be seen from the highway. The three metre wide trail follows the path of old train tracks, and the stone dust surfacing makes for excellent cycling and wheel-chair accessibility.
Keith Mill Nature Trail
Location: Rte 22, Victoria Cross
This trail is 1.7 km and offers a great view of the Montague River and Knox’s Dam. From 1890 to 1928 this trail was the main route between Montague and Victoria Cross. Before you start your walk visit the fish ladder at Knox’s Dam where you might see a salmon or the sea trout trying to jump the falls. Knox’s Dam use to provide the power for the town of Montague in the early 1900’s.
Harvey Moore
Location: Milltown Cross, Rte. 4
This is a flat trail with a natural base and some wet areas. It is part of a waterfowl sanctuary established by the late Harvey Moore. This is an excellent spot for bird-watchers. Wildlife includes Canada Geese, chickadees, kinglets, warblers such as the Northern Parula and Canada Warblers, Black Ducks, and Black-backed Woodpeckers.
The trail is a pleasant one-hour walk for both bird watcher enthusiasts and hikers. You will take a refreshing walk through various woodland types and open fields. Those of you who like to fish can try your luck in one of the ponds at the sanctuary.