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Murray River to Montague via Route 4 & 17

From Murray River you can reach Montague along the coast continuing on Route 17 or heading inland taking Route 4. The on-line tour will take you along the coast and then inland.

Following along to the east on Route 17 to Murray Harbour North you will find a mussel plant and a fishing harbour. Drop into the mussel plant and get some island mussels or watch the fishermen unload their catch of the day and don’t forget to ask questions…….find out about the island fishing grounds.

The surrounding area is characterized by rolling countryside, peaceful rivers, picturesque beaches and vibrant colors: the brilliant violet of the lupine that line the roadways in spring, the green of the summer grass and fields, and the kaleidoscope of hues in the autumn leaves. The natural beauty of rolling hills, farmers working the fields and beautiful pristine beaches will continue along this route of the tour.

Murray Harbor North Wharf

Graham’s Pond another picturesque fishing harbour is next along the tour. The lobster and ground fishing is one of the main industry’s in Prince Edward Island. Lobster season in the eastern region starts in May each year as soon as the ice leaves the Northumberland Straight and will continue until the end June. Keep heading east towards Gaspereau.

Panmure Island

Just off Route 17 onto Route 347 you will find the jewel of southeastern PEI, Panmure Island beach. This is a unique area where you drive along Route 347 and you have water on both sides of you. To the left is St. Mary’s Bay where the sand is red and excellent for clam digging and swimming. On your right you have the Northumberland Straight and long white sand beach and dunes, which is also excellent for swimming. Watch for the sand dollars and clams at low tides or walk the beach then take a swim. Gather drift wood along your walk and get your marshmallows ready now dig a pit and make yourself a bond fire then watch the magnificent sun set.

The Panmure Island Provincial Park is a great place to pitch a tent or park your camper. At the end of the beach at the point you will find the Panmure Island Lighthouse, which protects the sailors in the waterway. The lighthouse is open for visitors to visit the top and see a spectacular view of the area.

Come back out to Route 17 and head towards Sturgeon where you will see a small picturesque harbour that overlooks the head of St. Mary’s Bay. William Harris built the St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church on Route 17A in 1888. The church is built out of Island sandstone and Nova Scotia freestone with a French Gothic style.

Continuing on Route 17 you’ll be heading to Lower Montague and St. Andrew’s Point. As you head to the point you’ll be traveling on a road that is not marked on maps with any routes but go to the end of the road and you’ll find a day park that is a great place for a picnic and a swim. Also, there is a quaint beach that offers white sand, red mud and rocky shores. As you relax on one of the benches or walk along the shore take a look at the end of the point and you’ll see seals playing or sunning on the raft that is in the water.

Seals off St. Andrew's Point
Once you have finished relaxing retrace your drive back out to Route 17 proceeding straight pass the wharf. If you watch along the waterway, which is now the Montague River, you’ll see sailboats, fishing boats and the mussel boats. During the summer they have sailboat races starting from the wharf to Panmure Island or you might see the locals jumping into the water for a swim.

Keeping on Route 17 merging into Route 4 to the largest town in the region. “Montague the Beautiful”, as the name suggests, is one of the prettiest towns on the Island. Its natural scenery, tranquil river, exceptional walking trails, lush vegetation and general prosperity make this a beautiful scenic town. Much of the land is used for agricultural purposes, though there is a substantial amount of woodland, allowing for hiking, camping and bird- watching. At the heart of this is the Montague River, fast becoming a hotbed of leisure activity as well as commercial use.

Garden of the Golf Museum

High on the hill overlooking the Montague River you will find the Garden of the Gulf Museum where you’ll be intrigued by the history of the landmark. The museum is PEI’s oldest museum, where the exhibits feature local history and a glimpse of the pioneers of the early 20th century. Right across the bridge on the shore you can experience a cruise down the Montague River aboard the Cruise Manada seal watching. Be sure to browse through The Station and take home island crafts or try some island cuisine. Montague has shopping for everyone in the family, for the women the Bell’s Shop catering to women, a liquor store, grocery store, restaurants and other retail shopping with island crafts. Be sure to drop into A Touch of Gold for souvenirs and other collectables and the Atlantic Super Store to purchase your grocery’s.

For the inland part of the on-line tour you will leave Murray River and head down Route 4 towards Montague. Keeping on Route 4 you will be heading to the crossroads community of Milltown Cross, which is just south of Montague. There you will find Buffaloland Provincial Park, which has buffalo and reindeer. The Province of Alberta gave the buffalo to Prince Edward Island as a gift. There is a look-off at the end of the pasture for you to get a great view of these large animals. A park is also on site, a great place for a picnic.

Buffaloland Provincial Park
Proceeding into Montague you will find the Atlantic Fitness Center just on the outskirts of town. There is a pool, squash courts and fitness center on location and it is open to the public year round.