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From Route 3 onto Route 24 to Uigg onto 315 to Wood Islands onto Route 23 to Iona

Like other areas on Prince Edward Island, they can be reached from different island roads. For this part of the on-line tour since we were traveling down Route 3 and turned onto Route 24 to Uigg we will continue touring this beautiful country, along the Murray Harbour Road.

At the start of the Murray Harbour Road you’ll notice a small falls to your left and to the right, a river flowing from the falls. It is a perfect picture for a photo and also great for trout fishing. As you drive along this part of the on-line tour, the landscape portrays incredibly beautiful green rolling hills combined with the farmer’s fields, groves of forest and streams far into the horizon. The farmhouses and barns scattered along the fields and the farmer’s livestock are spotted throughout the pastures. As you look off into the distance the blue sky, different shades of green crops and the red soil, the picturesque combination of the colors will mesmerize you.

Geese on farm in Uigg

Part of our heritage and culture are our unique island red clay roads that intertwine through the forests and fields. These roads are not used in the winter and become impassable until late spring due to the mud when the winter thaw leaves the ground and the spring rain happen. In the summer and late fall the roads are used by farmers going field-to-field to tend to their crops, locals use them for short cuts and scenic drives as they have beautiful foliage, which showcases the beauty of the island countryside.

County Line Road

One of the main red dirt roads are the “County Line” roads, the one in Kings County begins at Caledonia at the intersection of Rte. 315 and runs north for 2.6 km until it intersects with Rte. 317. The name “County Line” derives from the fact that it is on the boundary of the two counties, King and Queens. This road has been designated as a scenic heritage road. In earlier years horse-drawn carriages transported passengers along this lane, it is bordered by beautiful hardwood stands that arch overhead to form delightful canopies. The area has changed little over the years and is still used by the locals and the visitors to the island.

From Uigg on Route 24, Murray Harbour Road, you’ll travel through the communities of Grandview, Bellevue and into Caledonia. In Bellevue you’ll find a beautiful quaint spot for you to try your hand at fishing the island trout, Ben’s Lake U-Fish. At Ben’s Lake there is the U-Fish and a camp ground where you can experience trout fishing by; fly-fishing catch and release method, or using a worm and catch by the pound. For a real treat watch some experienced islanders casting out and real one in, it is an art. Now that you have fish, drop into one of the farms along the route and pick up fresh vegetables. The farmers will have a sign out at the end of the gate telling you what they have for sale. They use the honor system when you pay for your goods…..just leave the money in a can or box that will be by the vegetables.

Keeping on Route 24 you will find Caledonia House where you can drop in and try some island make coffee and tea, an island delight. Great way to jump-start your day! As you come to the end of Route 24 take a right at the Caledonia Church onto Route 315 heading to Wood Islands. Along this route you will come upon a place that sells antique items, it is on your right heading south. If it is August when you are traveling in our lovely island you’ll see fields of wild blueberries in this area being harvested either by hand for the low bush or machine for the high bush. Drop in and buy some fresh berries.

To continue on this part of the tour, turn off Route 315 onto Route 23 heading to the Selkirk Road and Iona. Again, this area will take you through the beautiful countryside with the wild flowers scattered through the fields or the Lupins lining the ditches making another picturesque country drive.

Field of Lupins
From the Selkirk Road Route 23 south of Iona, to the Murray Harbour Road, Route 24 traveling cross-country on the red clay road. Uphill and down, the Klondyke Road cuts a sturdy swath through a border of sugar maple, birch and spruce. Foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and hares have a secure corridor amid the trees and lower vegetation, as they scurry from one woodland thicket to another. The prohibition of the 1920’s and 30’s set the scene for another activity – rum running! Under the cover of darkness, the rumrunners would steal along the darkened road hiding their contraband in a secure place. A rag would be tied to a tree indicating the hiding spot.

Field of Daylily's

Just off Route 24 onto Route 206 you’ll find the Red Lane Gardens, which is a Daylilies garden, the perfect perennial nursery. They grow approximately 700 cultivars and offer about 300 in their catalogue. Red Lane Gardens specializes in Spiders and unusual forms, but you will find every colour, size and shape of Daylily here. They are only open for Peak Bloom from July 21 to August 21.